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Assistive Technology

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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any electronic device or system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the capabilities of seniors and those with disabilities. This includes smart home devices that are designed to help with daily functions and keep you independent.

Remote Support From Caregivers

Smart devices allow your caregivers and family members to be able to assist you even when they are not there. Using a smart hub you can call and chat with someone in seconds, or press a call button to let someone know you’re in need.


Receive healthcare, advice, reminders and more, all without having to leave the comfort of your home. 


Easily chat with friends and family anytime with hands-free video calling and whole home audio calling. 


Stay safe and secure through a variety of smart devices such as: security cameras, smart locks, indoor cameras, and more! 

Voice Control

Control all of your smart devices with the sound of your voice. This includes smart TVs, smart showers, smart locks, lighting, and more! 

Controlling your Environment

Smart home technology can make it possible for you to control your home environment with your voice or remotely through an app on your phone. We can even program automations triggered by other events. For example, locking the door after a certain time, turning your lights and fans on/off, or even open/close your blinds on a schedule. 


Stay safe at home with the help of smart devices such as: smart lights, emergency buttons, smart locks, cameras and more. 

Personal Assistant & Reminders

Using a smart hub you can receive audible reminders for all of your daily tasks and appointments. The smart hub will also be there to answer questions you have about upcoming appointments, cooking, weather, news, and more. 


Your smart hub can play music on command and you can even use your voice to control it! We can also set up smart TVs to be controlled by voice with the help of the smart hub. 


Audible hygiene reminders will make sure you never fall behind on hygiene. We also offer smart showers that are voice controlled. You can turn them on/off and adjust the temperature with voice commands. 

Medication Monitoring

Smart medication monitors will let you know if medication has been taken. Smart dispensers can also dispense the correct medication and dosage at the correct times. 

Smart Home Technology is Assistive Technology

For a person with a disability or someone who is aging, smart home technology can be life-changing. It can increase independence and autonomy, productivity, connection, safety and security, and joy!

how smart devices help people with disabilities and seniors
Assistive Technology chart of uses

Call or Email Today to Design Your Custom Smart Set-up

Give us a call any time and let us know what goals you have for your independence, or any obstacles you are facing. With our expertise and todays technology, we can design a package to satisfy many needs to live independently.

All of our assistive technology installations include evaluation, planning, training, and support.