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Remote Support Emergency Call Button

Remote Support System with Emergency Call Button

Our Remote Support System with Emergency Call Button allows for quick communication when someone is in distress. 

How it works:

If an individual is distressed, injured, or just needs some assistance, they press one of the emergency call buttons. This sends out a message to their caregivers, prompting them call via audio or video, which will connect automatically with no input needed from the person in distress.

At this point the caregiver can talk with them, evaluate the situation, and take appropriate action. 

What’s Included:

  • SOS Buttons (Stationary or Worn) 
  • 8” Video Hub
  • Optional Audio Hubs
  • User Account Set-up
  • Voice Calling provisioning 
  • Video Calling provisioning
  • Automatic Video Call Connect for authorized users
  • Continued Support
  • Upgrades & Add-Ons Available
Starting Price: $1,250 Installed 
Senior fell on floor

Fall Monitoring Package

Our fall monitoring system monitors for any falls and will notify caregivers and family members immediately if a fall is detected.

How it works:

We install smart sensors around the home that use a type of radar technology to detect if someone has fallen and is on the floor. If a fall is ever detected the sensor will then send out a notification to your caregiver or family members, followed by a call to your emergency contact. We also include a wearable emergency button that can be used as a backup, or for any other kind of emergency.

What’s Included:

  • Fall Sensors
  • Wearable Emergency Button
  • User Account Set-up
  • Continued Support
  • Upgrades & Add-Ons Available
Starting Price: $2,250 Installed 
Video Doorbell for seniors and those with disabilities

Security Package

Our security package is designed to help keep you and your loved ones safe. We include outdoor cameras and smart contact sensors in our standard security package. 

How it works:

The security cameras allow you to always keep an eye on your home, even when you’re not there. You can also grant access to a caregiver or family member so they can also view your cameras and help keep you safe. We also include a solar panel, so your camera always stays charged.  The contact sensors that we include can be used to monitor your doors and windows for an added layer of security.

What’s Included:

  • Outdoor Wireless Security Camera with Solar Panel
  • Video Doorbell
  • Up to 3 Smart Contact Sensors for Windows and Doors 
  • Installation, Setup, & Training
  • No Required Monthly Fees 
  • Continued Support 
  • Upgrades & Add-Ons Available
Starting Price: $1,500 Installed 
Hands Free Calling for Seniors and people and disabilities

Hands-Free Whole Home Calling

With the hands-free whole home calling system, family members and caregivers can easily stay in touch with the person in need.

How it works:

We install audio hubs throughout the home, which will allow the user to make and receive calls throughout the entire home, entirely hands-free. We also include a video hub with special permissions for select people that allow them to automatically connect to a video call, even without any input from the person in the home. This allows them to be able to connect and communicate, even if the person in the home is in distress. 

What’s Included:

  • 1 Video Hub
  • Up to 3x Audio Hubs 
  • Voice Call Provisioning
  • Video Call Provisioning 
  • 3x User Accounts ( Person in home + 2 additional)
  • 2 Months Continued Support 
  • Upgrades & Add-Ons Available
Starting Price: $1,150 Installed 
Remote Monitoring for Seniors and people with disabilities

Remote Monitoring Package

Our Remote Monitoring Package allows caregivers or family members to discreetly monitor activity in the background.

How it works:

The sensors that are placed around the home will log any activity in real time which can be monitored remotely in the application. This helps monitor general activity around the home, sleep/wake patterns, bathroom visits, etc. We also use contact sensors to monitor how often they might go into the refrigerator or pantry, to help track when and if someone is eating or drinking. 

What’s Included:

  • 5x Activity Sensors
  • 2x Contact Sensors 
  • 3x User Accounts ( Person in home + 2 additional )
  • 2 Months Continued Support
  • Upgrades & Add-Ons Available


Starting Price: $1,250 Installed 

Custom Packages

Custom Packages are also available to cover any and all of your specific needs and help you overcome any obstacle.

We start by getting to know you and what obstacles you are facing and then build a custom system, designed specifically to suit all of your needs.

Give us a call, send an email, or use the form below to get to touch today if you are interested in a custom package. 

Design & Planning: $500 Deposit

Minimum Total Price: $1,000 Installed

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